Strategic Planning

The aim of our approach is to:


  • Result in a more effective and comprehensive strategic plan that you can use to drive and manage results, that takes less time to develop than the many traditional approaches

  • Help you and your team become effective in developing, implementing, and managing your strategic plan so that it supports your company’s long-term success

Key Deliverable(s):

  • Identification of your company’s current opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses – based on an assessment of your company’s environment and internal capabilities (using the Pyramid of Organizational Development™).

  • A written plan that clearly outlines what you and your team want your company to become in the long-term – including specific measurable results to be achieved 3-5 years out (what we call the company’s “Strategic Mission”).

  • Within the plan, the identification of specific strategies (long-term results to be achieved) related to seven Key Result Areas (factors critical to long-term success) and specific, measurable, time-dated Goals that support these strategies. The Key Result Areas that provide an organizing tool for the plan are the levels in the Pyramid of Organizational Development™, plus Financial Results Management.

  • Development of your team’s strategic planning capabilities so that you and your team can continue to develop, implement and manage your company’s plans over the long-term, with or without consultant involvement.

  • Promotion of a common vision for the company, a commitment to common goals, and a common language for future discussion of strategic issues. In brief, implementing this process helps ensure that all planning team members (and the company as a whole) are on the same page with respect to the company’s future direction and the steps needed to take the company where it wants to be.

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